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SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday

Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X / Xbox One

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Product description

As part of a covert US Rangers operation to weaken the Atlantikwall fortifications along the coast of Brittany, Karl makes contact with the French resistance. Soon they uncover a secret Nazi project that threatens to end the war before the Allies can even invade Europe: Operation Kraken. It is Karl's mission to take out the high-ranking Nazi officers and end Operation Kraken once and for all.

Sniper Elite 5 continues the franchise's unparalleled tactical sniper experience complete with incredible ballistics and improved kill cam that takes the genre-defining feature to the next level. New customization options allow you to adjust your rifle, other weapons and ammo to suit the mission and your playstyle.

Many real-world locations have been captured using photogrammetry to recreate a vivid, immersive environment, and multiple infiltration and extraction points and kill targets bring a whole new perspective to each mission. Take on the Nazi plot solo or work with a partner, with enhanced co-op mechanics that allow you to share ammo and items, give orders and heal each other.

Use workbenches to customize and upgrade virtually every aspect of your weapon – change scopes, stocks, barrels, magazines and more. Rifles, secondaries, and pistols all have a wide variety of options. In addition, you can choose the ammunition that suits your target, from armor-piercing all the way down to non-lethal.

Customize your character and loadout and earn XP, medals and ribbons as you take on intensely competitive 16 player matches that will truly test your sharpshooting skills. If co-op is more your style, team up with up to 3 other players against waves of enemies in Survival mode.

More realistic and gruesome than ever before, the trademark X-ray kill cam returns, showing you the true destructive power of each shot. Bones deflect bullets unpredictably and tear a new path through enemy bodies. SMGs and pistols can also trigger kill cams, including multiple shots in dramatic slow motion.