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SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday

PS5 - Company of Heroes 3 Includes Steelbook PlayStation 5 Brand New Sealed

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This Console Edition will include:
• Metal Case in O-Ring (Steelbook)
• Collector’s Book
• Double-sided map
• Embroidered badge
• Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack

Product description

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition delivers an explosive mix of action, tactics and strategy.

Experience an all-new theatre of war with heart-pounding combat in new environments with new factions and international battlegroups. Go beyond the battlefield by setting up vital supply lines and map intelligence networks with the new Dynamic Campaign Map, ensuring no two campaign playthroughs are ever alike. Then, immerse yourself in the narrative driven North African Operation for a cinematic look at the theatre like you’ve never seen before.

Every battle tells a story. What will yours be?

• Core gameplay for Company of Heroes comes to console, where players win by outsmarting not out-clicking your opponents.
• Classic Mechanics have been improved with enhanced systems for cover, flanking, combined arms and richer environmental destruction mechanics.
• Innovative combat like breaching, verticality tactics, and sandbox focused missions will wow veteran Company of Heroes players.
• Purpose built for Console with custom UI, full controller support, and features that allow you to play at your own pace, Company of Heroes 3 deploys its acclaimed blend of action, tactics and strategy to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X in full strength.
• Controller support has been carefully considered, enabling maximum precision and ensuring you can make the right moves, when you want to make them.
• The in-game User Interface has been re-designed, factoring in button layouts and readability, making for an immaculate console experience.
• Dynamic Campaign Map mechanics introduce a more replayable campaign experience with long-term strategies and unprecedented choice.
• With Full Tactical pause players take control of the battlefield by freezing the action, strategically planning their next moves, and watching it all gloriously unfold, allowing any one to become the ultimate tactician.
• New theatres of war provide a picturesque backdrop with lush & colorful maps and a variety of authentic battlefield settings like windswept Mediterranean mountain passes, harsh North African deserts and coastal vistas.
• Explore untold stories from the intense conflict in North Africa and the Italian peninsula, such as those of the Italian partisans.