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SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday

PS4 - NHL 22 PlayStation 4

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Now it's time to jump in the suit and get on the field again! NHL 22 offers a new season with a whole lot of excitement!

The ice hockey stick must be swung and there must be fighting like never before! Take advantage of the many new features included in this year's NHL 22, and not least the extremely realistic gameplay that makes the gaming experience completely unique!

Augmented reality

You are constantly kept updated on game statistics, which constantly let you manage your game strategy and take as a starting point real statistics, rather than pausing the game.

New X-Factor animations

NHL 22 offers you brand new and unseen player animations - these are paramount to Superstar X-Factor capabilities, as these upgraded animations ensure more dynamism, pickups, puck protection, disagreements and more.


A completely new and different system that highlights the players' abilities and not least the very realistic feeling of playing the game. The game features two levels of Superstar X-Factor abilities assigned to players - game-changing zone abilities and enhanced superstar abilities. Each player is given a defining zone ability and a secondary set of superstar abilities. The actual function of any Superstar X-Factor ability always remains the same, but its bonus level alternates between zone or superstar missions. The Superstar X-Factor is ultra-realistic and inspired by the special qualities that the league's star players are known for.

Zone capabilities

In this game, players are assigned a zone ability that truly helps define them. They are equipped with special skills that seriously set them apart from the other competitors. The zone skills are always ready and are activated automatically under the right conditions. For example, a zone pass for long passes is activated when you try a long pass (but has no effect on short passes). A special zone ability is only available to a limited number of players and in some cases even exclusive, which means that some players have a unique ability that no other player can get.

Superstar abilities

These superstar abilities are not as unique as the zone abilities, but the superstar abilities add a special technical bonus to the stars.

Superstar X-Factor in game types

This feature ensures that the stars' elite abilities are activated in all game types, including the game types Hockey Ultimate Team, World of Chel, Franchise and Be a Pro

Game Types in NHL 22


This is an NHL 22 game type where you can create your own squad of NHL players, alumni and icons and compete with them online. Create your squad, get rewards, and become the Ultimate Team.


The WOC center for multiplayer has even more ways to play than ever. Create your own player, and compete in a number of different game types, including EASHL and Ones and Threes.


A brand new Be A Pro experience gives you the chance to live life as an NHL player on and off the ice. Impress the coaches, get selected first on draft day, and begin the journey toward greatness as you battle for a spot on the team, vying for the Stanley Cup and becoming the next revolutionary superstar.


Create your dynasty over several seasons in Franchise Mode as you take the helm of your favorite team in the NHL or create your own expansion team of your choice. Find new talent, keep track of chemistry for coaching staff and front line, and experience the madness up to the Trade Deadline in the battle for the Stanley Cup.

Age: 12+ years