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SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday

PS4 - Bus Simulator 21 PlayStation 4

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Your bus. Your route. This scheme. It does not get better! Bus Simulator 21 is groundbreaking and unique!

Bus Simulator 21 has the most comprehensive and advanced fleet in the history of the series. Bus Simulator 21 has a fleet of 30 officially licensed buses from well-known international manufacturers such as Alexander Dennis, BYD, Grande West and Blue Bird , which join the models of popular brands already included in the previous installment ( Mercedes-Benz, Setra , IVECO BUS and more ).

Get ready for the brand new, impressive American map Angel Shores and a renewed version of the European Seaside Valley map from the previous game edition - including its map expansion. Bus Simulator 21's even larger open-world approach means you'll get to experience the thrilling daily life of a bus driver in two massive, freely explorable cities, including industrial and remote districts, a vibrant Chinatown district and more.

In Bus Simulator 21 you also get the opportunity to use extended management elements, such as creating detailed timetables, hiring drivers, buying and selling buses and planning efficient routes that take into account the daily number of passengers during rush hour.

The auto functions of Bus Simulator 21 can take over your management tasks and let pure bus drivers simply enjoy their time on the road.

Plus, the revised traffic and pedestrian AI, improved graphics and a dynamic day-night cycle closely linked to the peak load system as well as various weather conditions ensure an even more immersive bus driving experience.

One thing that is for sure is that you will enjoy sitting behind the wheel and transporting your passengers back and forth. You will earn points, praise and recognition while providing a great service to your many passengers during a day behind the wheel.