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SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday

Nintendo Switch - Miitopia

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Game Case Includes: Game Card Cartridge.

Product description

Miitopia is a remaster version for the Nintendo Switch that is perfect for you who want a playful and fun role-playing game.

In Miitopia, you have to stop a Dark Lord who is in the process of stealing people's faces, and while it may sound pretty creepy, it's actually a pretty cute game.

You control a group of warriors ranging from pop stars to princesses. And unlike many other games in the same genre, there is great interaction between your warriors who chat, gossip and fall in love with each other.

Which Mii characters do you want on your side ... and who should be the evil Dark Lord?

  • Makeup and wigs: In Miitopia , players can make their Mii figures look (even) more stunning with glamorous wigs, colorful hairstyles and makeup

  • Easy to set up and share: Mii groups created in Miitopia can be easily shared with friends online with a key-code. The shared characters can then be used in various games in Miitopia - also in different roles

  • Unusual jobs: Anyone who does not want to fight with a sword or a staff can instead choose to be a pop star and take up the fight with a microphone, or why not choose to be a chef and swing the frying pan against the enemy?! You can even be a cat… There are many jobs to choose from!

  • Personality determines: All characters are different and their personality will determine how they act in the fights. A kind priest can protect other Mii characters, but may want to spare the enemies, while a stubborn scientist can attack twice, but may also refuse to give a helping hand to another character in your Mii gang

  • A horse: No adventure is complete without horses! In this game, of course, there is a horse and spending time with it will be rewarded with its loyalty. The horse gladly gives a helping hoof in the fights

  • Relax at the inn and go on excursions: Rest out at the inn after defeating powerful enemies and regain your strength. Also take the opportunity to nurture the bonds of friendship between the Mii characters in your gang by placing them in the same space where their friendship will develop naturally. There are also many different excursion destinations to explore together to deepen friendships: the café, the cinema and more